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Hilleberg the Tentmaker(ヒルバーグ)スウェーデン生まれのエクスペディションテントブランドで超軽量で強度があり、使用するシーンに合わせて選べるテント、タープのブランドです。. 2017-09-09 · One of the lightest Hilleberg tents. Sweden, Jamtland 2017 Одна из самых легких палаток в линейке фирмы Hilleberg. 2019-08-29 · 2 3 Hilleberg Rogen = šx šx šx šx ­x šx šx š€x ‘ŒŒcm x Žmm Š‹Œcm x Žmm 1 2 3 Y E E. Hilleberg - Rogen. Free 2-Day Shipping! Limited time offer. The Hilleberg Rogen is an excellent choice for any trip during the snow-free months of the year where light weight is of the highest importance. It is well-suited to nearly any adventure, and especially for those who prefer dome construction.

Hilleberg The Tentmaker – Since 1971 20,676 views 2 years ago With this video, “Hilleberg – since 1971,” we want to share our 4 decades of making and using tents. The Rogen is now my go-to tent and I may have to say goodbye to the old favorites. I would recommend this tent to anyone who wants a durable, stable, relatively light, bomber of a three season tent. If you are in the market for a long lasting three season shelter with many pitching options take a look at the Hilleberg Rogen. 2014-06-05 · Welcome to your new Hilleberg Rogen! You have invested in a truly high-end, high quality tent, so take care of your invest-ment. We strongly recommend that you read these instructions completely before setting up your tent, and that you practice setting up your tent at home before taking it on a backcountry trip. Rogen • 2 person tent • Hilleberg The three-season Rogen is an excellent all-around 2-person tent for warmer weather trips where the lightest weight is the prime concern. us.

2018-09-17 · hilleberg rogen BASED ON THE STABLE and roomy design of THE Allak, the new Rogen is an exceptional tent for any trip in any 3 season weather condition. 9 mm poles and our new Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric – which has a substantial 10 kg/22 lb tear strength – provide stability and strength for use in exposed conditions, and the dome construction makes it a great choice for tough pitching. The Hilleberg Rogen is an excellent tent for any trip in warmer and snow-free conditions where very light weight is of the highest importance. Dome construction affords stability and strength for use in more exposed situations, and makes the Rogen a great choice. 2020-02-27 · The Rogen was redesigned for 2017, replacing the Lock-Tip and dual opening pole sleeve system with standard poles and single opening pole sleeves. Hilleberg has also built catenary patterning into the bottom of the.

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